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Abbagirl's Journal

Abbagirl's Journal

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Date Created:7/11/02
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"I'm not a prophet or a Stone Age man, just a mortal with potential of a superman, I'm living on..." - David Bowie, "Quicksand"

Ummm...I have a feeling I'm waay too complicated to even begin to describe here. Let's just say I'm a mysterious, shy, quirky/goofy woman of many contradictions! Oh, and I had a rather bizarre childhood involving 4 years lived outside of the U.S...
Strengths: Compassionate (and passionate!), open-minded, creative, and attempting valiantly to retain/regain that childlike sense of wonder. Dreamers rule!
Weaknesses: Notoriously prone to slacking ;) and over-sensitive. Moody like a Scorpio, ya know? I occasionally battle with depressive tendencies as well.
Special Skills: Singing (especially musical theatre!!), writing, an "encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture" (yes, multiple people have used those exact words, lol), dancing, home decor, languages (including semi-fluency in French), impeccable spelling (I'm an ex-spelling bee champ - geek pride!)
Lists: Check out my lists of all the concerts I've attended and all the cd's I own. Music is clearly a very important part of my life.
I also have an Amazon wishlist.
Weapons: I do own one authentic replica Gabrielle staff, the Gabwhacker(tm)! Warlords beware!
Motto: "Reality is for people who lack imagination."

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Mmm-hmm, this journal is NOT friends-only! (At least for now.) Stylesheet by refuted.

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ABBA is Thank You For the Music Love

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i'm in ravenclaw!

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Xena Stuff:

Come join my community, hudsonleick!

I'm also one of the co-mods of zoebell.

I'm probably most proud to now be the mod of xenites, however!

Friends not on Livejournal who deserve a link:

Laura (my sister)
Jess - be sure to check out the (old) pics of her and I here, in the friends section!

Kate Winslet: my favorite actress and personal idol! (I'm also a co-mod of katewinslet.)

Crotch! Heh heh heh...

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